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State officials continue to test sites around Camp Grayling for PFAS

State officials are continuing to test sites this summer at homes near Camp Grayling.

This is the second summer the state officials have tested the well water in the homes surrounding the National Guard training base where the industrial chemicals were found.

Now, they will be joined by the Michigan National Guard and the state’s environment agency to test water sources in the area.

Samatha Nellis is a co-chair of the remediation advisory board.

She says the community group is pleased with the agencies’ progress, but the group worries some residents have not been briefed on testing plans because of COVID.

“Those other audiences that maybe aren’t comfortable hopping on a zoom call or don’t have internet at home so how can we reach them better.”

She says they’ve set their next in person meeting for the fall. Some agencies have sent letters to hundreds of homes where well water testing will occur.