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Democrats to press West Virginia Senator Manchin for support of voters-rights reforms

Cropped Photo From Inside Politics Press Breakfast - April 2013 featuring Sen. Joe Manchin III by Third Way is licensed with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Democrats are expected to press West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, this week, for his support of sweeping voters-rights reforms.Manchin has said he does not support the ‘For the People’ Act, despite having been one of the original sponsors of the bill in 2019.

Michigan Senator Gary Peters says he expects Manchin to come around.

“S-1 is a very comprehensive bill, it's a very large bill. And I'm sure that discussions will continue with Senator mentioned so that there will be a bill that he could support at some point.”

The bill would standardize elections across the country and make it easier to vote. Republican-led legislatures across the country have passed sweeping new laws that would roll back mail-in voting and make it more difficult to cast ballots.

The U.S. Senate is tied 50-50 and Manchin is seen as a key swing vote for Democrats.