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Miller Attack Survivor Pleased By Parole Denial

WKAR Public Media

The survivor of an attack by serial killer Don Miller in the 1970s is expressing relief over the denial of Miller’s application for parole.

Miller is known to have killed at least four women in the Lansing area.

It was Miller's unsuccessful attack on Randy Gilbert and his sister in Delta Township that led to his arrest in the late 1970's.

Miller is imprisoned until 2031 for possession of a weapon in his prison cell. This week, the state parole board turned down Miller’s parole application, a result Gilbert says he was thankful for but had expected.

“I was very delighted of course," Gilbert said. "[It's] relieved a lot of stress, just to get that letter, see it in print, knowing that it’s not a rumor or somebody said this, somebody said that, you know? A great relief".

Miller can be considered again for parole next year. His prison term will expire in 2031.