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Former Michigan Assistant Attorney General takes plea deal for multiple felonies

Macomb County Prosecutor

Former Michigan Assistant Attorney General Brian Kolodziej has taken a plea deal, after admitting to an inappropriate relationship with the victim in a rape case he was prosecuting.

Kolodziej was prosecuting the former student body president of Central Michigan University for sexually assaulting another student and won a conviction in the case.

In 2019, when it came out that Kolodziej was inappropriately involved with one of the victims in the case and had been threatening her, he resigned. An investigation launched into the case found he had also tampered with evidence, and he was charged with two felony counts of misconduct in office.

Special prosecutor Chris Becker says Kolodziej is a "black eye" on the prosecutor profession.

"Having a relationship with a victim is just a shocking thing that I thought I'd never see," Becker said. "And hopefully never see again".

On Wednesday, Kolodziej entered a no contest plea to two counts of willful neglect of duty by a public officer. He faces up to a year in jail or a $1-thousand fine, and will surrender his legal license for 5 years.

His attorney declined to comment.