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Catastrophic Auto Accident victims, families and friends rally in Lansing on Wednesday

Michigan Capitol Building - Lansing by Lord is Good is licensed with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

People severely injured in auto accidents, their families and friends rallied in Lansing on Wednesday.They're protesting what they call a mistake in the new auto insurance law.

The law makes deep cuts to long-term caregiver payments on July 1, and the cuts are retroactive.

That means many current care providers could go out of business, leaving some injured people with lesser or even no care.

Jean Baumgard became quadriplegic in 1998 after a car accident. She says the cuts go into effect right after the state legislature goes on summer recess.

They think that we can wait, but they can go off and go have fun, somewhere fun with their families... they don't worry about us, who's gonna be taking care of us.”

Bills to eliminate the provider payment cuts are languishing in committees in the state House and Senate.