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Attorney General Dana Nessel in Genesee County to help expunge criminal records

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In Flint on Wednesday, hundreds of people stood in long lines for hours waiting for their chance to get criminal convictions expunged from their records.

“Let’s start getting people records expunged! Let’s Go! Let’s do this!”

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel whipping up the crowd gathered outside the Genesee County Jail for the first of many planned events to assist Michigander get their criminal record cleared.

A new state law expands the number of misdemeanors and felonies people can try to get expunged.

William Allison was one of the hundreds waiting in line.

"It really won’t change my life it’ll just make me feel better about myself. I like to be free.”

The Attorney General says up to a million people may qualify to have their record expunged under the new law that took effect in April.