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Jocelyn Benson says Republicans must provide more funds for Michigan's branch offices

Michigan Department of State

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson says Republicans in Lansing must provide more funding for Michigan’s branch offices.G.O.P. legislators criticized the Democratic Secretary of State’s new approach to operating branch offices. They claim some people are experiencing issues getting appointments at branch offices.

But Benson says the current method is working better than the old system, which she says used to cause hours of delays.

“Under the take-a-number-and-wait system, Michiganders were regularly forced to wait half a day or more in our offices with no clarity as to when their name would be called for service.”

Democrats in the state house introduced two bills that would increase employees at branch offices and allocate money for overtime.

That would reverse cutbacks made under Michigan Secretary of State and current Republican state senator, Ruth Johnson.