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Breweries provide mental health services

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Two West Michigan breweries have partnered on a new beer that will help fund free mental health services for their staff.

“The biggest barrier to people actually getting the help they need to taking that first step,” Chris Andrus said.

Accessing help can often be difficult for those struggling with mental health, but Chris Andrus, the Co-founder of The Mitten Brewing Company, is doing his part to make it easy and free for his workers.

“our role was to make that first step and it's possible no cost, not even a copay. Nothing like that. Just call this number get seen,” Andrus said.

The business has partnered with Trail Point Brewing Company to create a new beer called “Things We Don’t Say IPA” that will be sold in all of its shops. 100% of proceeds from its sales will go to free of charge mental health care for its employees, that includes Andrus, who has been outspoken about obstacles he’s faced.

“I'm going to take advantage of this personally. I tried to be up front about my own issues and that I plan to use this counseling and suffer to be because they don't want to make it seem like it was something they were doing for them. That is just like you guys need it. You know the stuff that everyone needs. I need it,” he said.

Things we don’t say is a national collaboration between craft suppliers and breweries. The Mitten Brewing has partnered with The Well Being Counseling center in Grand Rapids.

“Thankfully there are imaginative and flexible on a way that we could do this now breaking the bank because obviously it's a bad time financially for my industry. But you know, it wasn't something we feel like we could sit on the sidelines with any longer” he said.

The newest menu item debuted on Monday evening, but Andrus said it’s already seen a wave of support.