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Two men accused of suppressing voter turnout in 2020 election


Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is accusing two men of attempting to suppress voter turnout in the November 2020 election. The case is now heading to trial.

Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman have made a name for themselves as right-wing Internet trolls. The two have peddled many unfounded conspiracy theories, working to frame figures like Vice President Kamala Harris and White House coronavirus advisor Doctor Anthony Fauci.

The state is accusing the two men of launching a robocall campaign to discourage voting in Black and brown communities. The AG’s office says about 12-thousand robocalls went out to phone numbers with a 313 area code.

Wohl and Burkman are facing similar criminal charges in Ohio. The New York Attorney General’s office recently filed its own lawsuit against the duo, ordering them to make “curative” robocalls to people who received their first messages.

A trial date in Michigan has not been set.