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DTE Energy and Consumers Energy want major changes to rooftop solar bill

"SHANGHAI HONGQIAO SOLAR ROOF INSTALLATION" by TheClimateGroup is licensed with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

DTE Energy and Consumers Energy say they want significant changes made to a rooftop solar bill. The bill would let any homeowner with solar panels get reimbursed for the excess energy they put on the grid.  Right now the cap is set at only one percent.

Bill sponsor Greg Markkenan is a Republican who represents the 110th House District in the U.P.  He says the rooftop solar industry creates good-paying jobs.

"Tt's moving Michigan to green energy and there's no reason WHY we should take until 2050 to do that," said Markkenan.

DTE Energy and Consumers Energy claim homeowners with rooftop solar aren't paying their fair share of grid infrastructure costs.  They support raising the 1 percent cap but aren't saying BY how much. They also want a higher surcharge on solar customers as well as lower reimbursement.