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Michigan proposes rules to ban restraints at juvenile group homes


The state continues to work to ban the kind of restraints that led to the death of a teenager last year in Kalamazoo. 

Cornelius Fredrick was killed one year ago at Lakeside Academy, after being restrained by eight men. Three staffers are now facing criminal charges. 

Stacie Bladen is interim director of the Michigan Children’s Services Agency. She says in addition to banning restraints, the state has also been working to reduce the number of foster care kids in group homes. 

"We have seen success in terms of trying to find alternatives for kids so that they are not escalating and being placed into residential facilities, because frankly it’s not good for kids," said Bladen. "We want kids to stay in family settings if at all possible.”

Bladen says the number of kids in residential facilities is down by almost half compared to last year.