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Detroit residents could overhaul the government's city structure in upcoming elections

Detroit Skyline by pverdonk is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Detroiters could overhaul the structure of city government in the coming municipal elections. But those who drafted the new changes say city officials are suppressing the effort.

Barbara Wynder is Treasurer of the Detroit Charter Revision Commission. She says the Charter outlines all the city’s functions.

“It actually serves as a quote, constitution, for the local government.”

The proposals are far reaching, like creating an Office of Environmental Justice and Sustainability, or creating a fare program for low-income transit riders. Vice Chair Nicole Small says Mayor Mike Duggan and Detroit City Council have stood against the effort, pointing to the cost.

“It’s these types of tactics that they’re using to manipulate Detroiters who really don’t know any better to think we’re really going to bankrupt them.”

Many commissioners are calling for more funding to circulate the charter revisions, before Detroiters head to the polls to vote on the new rules later this year.