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Michigan health department urges COVID testing with more rapid tests


Michigan health officials are trying to combat declining interest in COVID testing by making rapid tests more easily available.

Soon when people pass through a Michigan airport or welcome center they could be offered a free COVID test with results in minutes.

It’s part of a new state testing strategy to catch asymptomatic cases before they multiply in communities.

State public health physician Doctor Natasha Bagdasarian says it’s especially important to catch infections in travelers because they tend to be more lax with precautions.

“If we can couple testing with any of those higher risk activities where you may be around more people, where you’re in an indoor space with them, it could make those activities safer,” said Bagdasarian.

Traverse City’s Cherry Capital Airport and two welcome centers currently offer rapid antigen tests.

Doctor Bagdasarian says all positive tests will be sent to the state lab to check for variants.