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Michigan AG says there will be no criminal charges filed against "Make Your Date" program

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Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel says there will be no criminal charges filed related to the city's relationship with the Make Your Date program - or the destruction of city emails about the program.

A whistleblower, with a known adversarial history towards Mayor Duggan - alleged city employees destroyed emails and Duggan had given special treatment to Make Your Date due to his personal connection with the program’s director.

Nessel spoke about the investigation during a news conference Wednesday afternoon.

“I'd like to note that the absence of adequate evidence to charge individuals with crimes does not absolve the parties of their ethical obligations to meet expectations of public trust inherent to their roles as employees and officials of the city of Detroit.”

Make Your Date Detroit is affiliated with Wayne State University and is a free maternal health program designed to prevent pre-term births for at-risk mothers.

Nessel says there is nothing in the city’s charter, or in state law, that prohibits Mayor Duggan from giving Make Your Date preferential treatment, and therefore is not a crime.