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GM's Delta township plant temporarily shuts down


A Shortage of crucial supplies for the auto industry continues to affect two General Motors plants in Michigan. 

Due to a global shortage in semiconductor chips, General Motors was forced to temporarily shut down its two Lansing plants. The chips are critical in the manufacturing of vehicles assembled at the plants.

In a statement, General Motors officials say they plan to reopen the Delta Township plant on Monday but the Grand River Assembly Plant will remain closed. 

Davis Closs is a professor at Michigan State University’s Department of Supply Chain Management. He says one big issue is the manufacturing of these chips is centralized in China and Japan. 

“The downside of that is they're in one location or two locations," said Closs. "And there's difficulty now because of the pandemic, of both getting people into plants to make this stuff.”

The Grand River Assembly plant is expected to reopen on April 26th.