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U.S. Senate confirms Jennifer Granholm

"Mary Fallin, Governor, State of Oklahoma Jennifer Granholm, Former Governor, State of Michigan and moderator: Nina Easton of Fortune speaking in session GOVERNING IN THE AGE OF AUSTERITY" by Fortune Live Media is licensed with CC BY-ND 2.0. To view a co

The U.S. Senate today (THURSDAY) confirmed former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm to serve as President Joe Biden’s Secretary of Energy.

The vote was 64-to-35.

Michigan Democrat Gary Peters outlined Granholm’s priorities while supporting her nomination.

“One: strengthening national security, particularly on nuclear non-proliferation through the national Nuclear Security Administration," said Peters. "Two: supporting the research and development at scientific research facilities all across our nation. And, three: utilizing that research to create new, good paying jobs for Americans.”

Senate Republican John Barrosso of Wyoming opposed the nomination, saying thousands of American energy workers will lose their jobs under Biden and Granholm.