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Dana Nessel asks for release of documents related to Larry Nassar

Courtesy Dana Nessel's Twitter

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel sent a letter yesterday [WED] asking Michigan State University's Board of Trustees to release roughly 6-thousand documents as a part of her office’s investigation into the university and Larry Nassar.

The Board of Trustees has said the information in the documents is protected by attorney-client privilege. And has withheld them from investigators for more than two years.

Nessel says it doesn’t make sense for MSU to stonewall an investigation it requested.

"One of the things that I’ve heard multiple times that bothers me is board members who have said they've reviewed the documents and they don’t think there’s anything new or anything helpful to our investigation," said Nessel. "And with all due respect, I would say this: how would you possibly know that?"

She says her office could be forced to close the investigation without MSU’s cooperation.

MSU Trustee Dianne Byrum says the board received Nessel’s letter and will discuss the issue in the coming weeks.