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Whitmer challenges GOP to bargain on COVID response


Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer again said the Legislature’s Republican leaders are failing to bargain on a COVID-19 plan for Michigan.

At issue is how to spend 5 billion dollars in federal COVID response funds. Also back-to-school plans, restrictions on businesses, and GOP calls for new limits on executive authority to issue emergency health orders.

Whitmer’s pushback included a reference to Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and some controversial comments he’s made. They include a personal insult directed at Whitmer and a debunked claim that the insurrection at the US Capitol was a hoax. 

“My judgement will not get clouded by that noise.  We’re going to stay focused and we’re going to deliver for the people of Michigan.” 

The House GOP budget chair contested the governor’s version of events, and said progress is being made.