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Peter Meijer defends his vote to impeach Donald Trump


United States Representative Peter Meijer held his first ever Town Hall Wednesday evening, where the Republican from Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District defended his vote to impeach former President Donald Trump.

"(I remember) just being forced out, (of the building,) police officers escorting us under gun point to elevators, pushing elevator buttons, we go down to sub-basements, knowing that one of the House buildings we were walking towards had already been evacuated, knowing that there had been pipe-bombs that had been discovered in the area, not knowing if our colleagues were killed or injured or missing.”

United States Rep. Peter Meijer described the Capitol Riot at a virtual hall Wednesday evening, and also described his shock at President Donald Trump’s response as he and other lawmakers ran for their lives.

“And as that occurred, the only message that I saw from the President, was him attacking (Vice President) Mike Pence and criticizing Mike Pence, questioning his courage, questioning his patriotism-- for not just waving a magic wand and overturning the election somehow,” Meijer said.

Rep. Meijer, a Republican, has come under heavy criticism from fellow GOP lawmakers and a number of residents in the 3rd District for voting to impeach President Trump. Meijer used the town hall Wednesday to explain his decision.

“When I think of Officer Sicknip, when I think of the 140 members of law enforcement, who were sent to the hospital, when I think of the other 4 Americans who died that that day, the police officers who have since committed suicide, of the tragedy that has occurred…not to mention the attempt to override, the attempt to interfere, the attempt to destroy our constitutional process, it required a significant response. And that is why I ultimately arrived at the decision to impeach.”