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Indoor dining allowed starting today

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Indoor dining is allowed at restaurants again on Monday. However, there are still restrictions in place.

Restaurants and bars have to close by 10pm. Get contact info from customers. And be limited to 25% of normal capacity.

Chris Zabo is co-owner of "The Antlers Restaurant" in Sault. Ste. Marie.

He says they'll be serving people indoors today (Monday). He's already been getting calls.

But Zabo says he can't make money off so few tables.

"I mean there's a break-even point for every business. And 25% of what we were normally doing sure ain't it. You know a lot of people say 'oh it's better than nothin'. No. It's not, necessarily."

Zabo says forgivable paycheck protection program loans and small business grants have helped "The Antlers Restaurant" survive the pandemic.