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Accused conspiracist in Governor kidnapping plot pleads guilty

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One of the men arrested for the alleged conspiracy to kidnap the governor of Michigan has pleaded guilty. The man has agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.

Twenty five year old Ty Garbin appeared in Federal court in Grand Rapids and told the judge he wanted to change his plea in the kidnapping case.

Garbin is one of six men facing federal charges over the alleged plot. Eight other men face charges in state court.

Mark Satawa is Garbin’s attorney.

“This is about our client saying, ‘Look I need to own up to what I did. It was wrong. I’m accepting responsibility. I’m sorry for having done it.’ And he is doing that with eyes wide open.”

Garbin still faces up to life in prison for the kidnapping charge, but prosecutors say based on his pledge to cooperate with authorities, they won’t object to a lesser sentence.