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State reps introduce bills to ban guns in the Capitol

"Michigan Capitol" by MittenStatePhototog is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Democrats in the Michigan state House have introduced bills to ban guns in the Capitol.

House Bills sponsored by representatives Tyrone Carter and Julie Brixie would ban the possession and concealed carry of guns in the Capitol Building in Lansing, as well as the grounds surrounding the capitol and the house and senate office buildings.

The Michigan State Capitol Commission adopted a ban on the open carry of guns at the Capitol. But people with concealed pistol licenses are exempt.

The safety of firearms in the capitol was debated last year, after people openly carrying guns entered the Senate gallery in April.

Tyrone Carter, a representative from Detroit and bill sponsor, said in a statement, "Our Capitol served as the dress rehearsal for what we saw unfold in the U.S. Capitol."