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GOP Congressman Fred Upton being censured for voting to impeach former President Trump

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A Michigan county Republican party is censuring GOP Congressman Fred Upton for voting to impeach former President Trump.

The executive committee of the Allegan County Republican Party resolved to censure Upton, one of ten GOP members of the U.S. House who voted for impeachment. 

The censure is a symbolic gesture, though Allegan party officials say they are examining whether additional action could be taken. 

Local Republicans in several states are censuring GOP officials who voted to impeach Trump…or resisted his attempt to overturn the election. 

The Allegan County GOP accuses Upton, Michigan’s most senior Republican in Congress, of betraying his oath of office. It claims the media and others are – quote – “misleading” the public about Trump inciting the recent riot at the U.S. Capitol. 

For his part…the 6th District Congressman told the Detroit News it is inexcusable that Trump denies any responsibility for the violent attack. 

The top Republicans in both the U..S House and Senate say Trump provoked the riot.