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Stabenow speaks out about the storming of U.S. Capitol building

Courtesy Debbie Stabenow Twitter

Michigan US senator Debbie Stabenow says her experience inside the US capitol building which was stormed by protestors Wednesday, seemed like something out of a movie. She says they weren’t really aware what was happening outside until they were ushered off the senate floor through a tunnel and into a different building on the capitol complex.

Now the Michigan U S senator says she is very concerned about the divisions in the country based on what she saw being done by protestors.

"One of the images is of a united states flag flying over the US capitol that was brought down and they replaced it with a flag that says trump and you know what that is not America, we’re not a dictatorship," said Stabenow.

Senator Stabenow says we’ve got work to do and we need to be able to come together and while we still disagree realize that we are not enemies.