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Detroit officials react to actions of police after insurrection at US Capitol

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After Wednesday’s insurrection of the US Capitol, police are facing criticism for their response to Black Lives Matter protests, compared to movements in support of President Trump. Officials in Detroit are defending their actions.

Detroit saw a steady stream of mostly peaceful police reform demonstrations last year. Still, hundreds were arrested. In November,  pro-Trump rallies took over the TCF Center downtown to stop election workers from counting ballots. One man was arrested. Mayor Mike Duggan says the city does not react to incidents based on political message.

“The response to every protestor is based on their behavior,” said Duggan.

Police Chief James Craig says while it is not usually the case, some officers were attacked during the Black Lives Matter protests.

“We recognize the vast majority of protesters who marched were peaceful,” said Craig.

Police reform activists are suing Detroit officials over injuries suffered during last year’s protests. The city is counter-suing.