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Kalamazoo to offer program to help those impacted by racial trauma


A new program aims to help people of color in Kalamazoo County who've experienced race-based trauma. The Black and Brown Therapy Collective puts victims in touch with therapists of color. It's sponsored by Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation of Kalamazoo.

Dr. Kenlana Ferguson is the director of the Kalamazoo College Counseling Center and one of the clinicians involved in the project. She says racial trauma comes in many forms:

"Pretty much what that is, is mental and emotional injury that is caused by racial bias, ethnic discrimination, hate crimes, and racism," said Ferguson. "And, it's similar in some ways to post-traumatic stress."

Ferguson says the project is in a three-month pilot phase. She says it will cover the cost of up to four therapy sessions for survivors.