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Minimum wage workers unlikely to see pay increase in the next year

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The state says an increase in the minimum wage is unlikely for next year.

Right now, the minimum hourly wage in Michigan, is 9 dollars and 65 cents an hour.

A law passed in 2018 sets an increase in the minimum wage every year through 2030, but only if the state’s annual unemployment rate is below 8.5 %

The massive jump in unemployment in the Spring will almost certainly keep the state from hitting the 8.5 percent threshold before the end of the year.

So, people in minimum wage jobs will have to wait until January 2022 for another pay increase. The rate is set to increase from 9.65 to 9.87 an hour if next year’s annual unemployment rate is below 8.5 percent.

Dustin Dwyer is a reporter for a new project at Michigan Radio that will look at improving economic opportunities for low-income children. Previously, he worked as an online journalist for Changing Gears, as a freelance reporter and as Michigan Radio's West Michigan Reporter. Before he joined Michigan Radio, Dustin interned at NPR's Talk of the Nation, wrote freelance stories for The Jackson Citizen-Patriot and completed a Reporting & Writing Fellowship at the Poynter Institute.