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Michigan state House Democrat stripped of her assignments after posting threatening video last week


A Michigan state House Democrat has been stripped of her committee assignments after posting a video to social media Tuesday. House Republicans disciplined Representative Cynthia Johnson.

“So this is just a warning to you Trumpers. Be careful, walk lightly.” 
Outgoing House Speaker Lee Chatfield called Johnson’s overall statement a threat, but didn’t specify which part.  
Some context, a video that is making the rounds on conservative media leaves out that, immediately before making the statement, Johnson was discussing a Trump supporter who left a voicemail calling for her to be lynched. 
Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist says the threats have no place in politics.
“Don't want to see anyone threatened whether they are a member of my party or not.” 
Still it’s not clear whether Johnson’s statement was intended as a threat.  What is clear…is that she was threatened with violence.  Johnson is being removed from the state House Agriculture, Oversight and Families committees.