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Republicans continue efforts to throw out election results

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Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in Michigan by 154-thousand votes, yet the legal maneuvering continues.

The latest is an appeal to the U-S Supreme Court to throw out the results in Michigan.

In a brief filled with factual errors and wild accusations, Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says Michigan and three other battleground states used the pandemic to illegally change how their elections were run.

Steve Vladeck is a law professor with the University of Texas. He says the lawsuit reads more like a political stunt than viable legal argument.

“I really think folks should sort of not read too much into these headlines Besides, you know, another highly visible republican official trying to make very publicly clear his support for the President's increasingly disproven elections desk claims,” said Vladeck.

In the month since the election, Republicans have continued to argue - in both courtrooms and legislative hearings - that there was some sort of election fraud. The theories have easily been disproven and - in most instances - arose from poll watchers and challengers failing to understanding how the vote-counting process works.