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Michigan Election Canvassing Panel meets to certify state's election results

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The Michigan Board of State Canvassers meets Monday to finalize the state’s election results. And a panel of election attorneys says that’s all they can do.

A panel of three election law attorneys - hosted by the League of Women Voters - says certifying the 2020 results should be the easy part of what has been a contentious election.

The message that was repeated is; the state canvassing board is obligated to - and limited to - canvassing and certifying the election.
Attorney Mark Brewer says this part of election law is simple.
“Shall certify. Shall meet. And the Michigan Supreme Court has been very clear that shall means shall. It’s mandatory. It’s ministerial. They have no choice.”
The state canvassing board is made up of two democrats and two republicans. It takes three votes to certify the vote.
If canvassers refuse to do so and the process stalls, Brewer says they would likely be ordered by a court to certify the election.