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Voter Fraud Election Lawsuits

"Mounds of Absentee Ballots" by lancefisher is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Groups supporting President Trump’s un-proven allegations of voter fraud in the recent election, continue pressing lawsuits in Michigan. The suits request action before the state certifies the election results,  

The majority of five lawsuits filed in Michigan over the election have been dismissed, though some are still being appealed.

Some of the suits were filed in the wrong court or named the wrong defendant. 

But most center around the vote in Detroit, alleging that ballots appeared out of nowhere, and that Republican poll challengers were denied access to watch the count. 

Last week a Wayne County Circuit Court judge denied one such suit, ruling that the accusations were not credible. 

Former state elections director Chris Thomas, who helped oversee the vote count in Detroit, says GOP poll watchers observed the entire process.

“Republicans where there the entire time. And if they left, they left of their own accord.” 

County boards of canvassers face a deadline Tuesday to certify their election results.