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Morrow Dam to lower Kalamazoo River as Eagle Creek Renewable Energy can begin repairs

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The operator of the Morrow Dam near Comstock will lower the Kalamazoo River Monday as the company begins long-awaited repairs on the dam.

Eagle Creek Renewable Energy drew down Morrow Lake a year ago so it could work on the dam, but the project stalled. Then sediment began to wash out of the reservoir into the river, threatening fish and other wildlife. Now the repair is moving forward. The state says reducing the river’s flow will protect divers as they work on the gates. Matt Diana is with the Department of Natural Resources. He says Eagle Creek will lower the water slowly.

Because of that it gives things like fish, amphibians and turtles kind of the ability to move.

Diana says the river should be back to normal about eight hours after the work begins. The state says the company hopes to refill the reservoir this winter.