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Traverse City examines drinking culture, begins outreach next spring

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Traverse City will be looking at the party scene in the area with a new study. Tess DeGayner spoke to Traverse City officials who are hoping the study will tell them more about the culture in town.

Traverse City has been awarded a one-hundred-thousand-dollar regional grant to examine the drinking culture. 
The study will look at both local and tourists' relationship with drinking within the surrounding communities, with the goal of improving the culture.  
Jean Derenzy is the CEO of Traverse City Downtown Development Authority. She says she hopes the study will help set a model for other parts of the state. 
“Nothing is cut and dry, nothing is black and white, there’s always these other pieces that we don’t know until you really listen to the businesses, to the consumer and you understand what the vision is for the city.”
Derenzy says community outreach will begin next month. 
She says this is not an ideal time for the study, with the holidays just ahead, however, the outreach process should last until the spring