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State School Districts Reauthorizing Return To School Plans

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The state is requiring all school districts to renew their instructional plans, a month after mandating their creation. 

Under Michigan’s “Return To Learn” Law passed in August, districts must reauthorize their learning continuity plans every 30 days.  School boards must submit their plans to their local intermediate school districts by October 1.  They’ll then be sent to the Michigan Department of Education. 

Robert McCann directs the Tri-County Alliance for Public Education, a consortium of Metro Detroit superintendents.  He questions the logic behind the monthly renewal mandate.

“You’re never to going to be able to successfully implement the long term plan because you’re going to be constantly changing course," said McCann. "So, the fact that they require districts to do this in law is just frankly nonsensical and unhelpful.”

This week, lawmakers approved a K-12 education budget that gives a 65-dollar per student spending boost.  McCann calls that a good step, but says it doesn’t address school districts’ long-term needs.