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Voters have until Election Day eve to send ballots


An absentee ballot dropped in the mail no later than the day before the November 3rd elections must be counted. That decision came down today (FRI) from a state Court of Claims judge.

Thousands of votes in the August primary were not counted because they arrived at clerks’ offices after Election Day due to mail delays. In some cases, absentee ballots requested weeks in advance did not arrive at voters’ homes until the day of the primary.

Judge Cynthia Stephens also said people who are immunocompromised are just one instance where voters would have to weigh the risk to their health against their right to cast a ballot.  

Her decision – which can be appealed – says votes postmarked no later than November 2nd must be counted, as long as they arrive before the election results are certified two weeks later.

In the same decision, Stephens denied a request that the state provide absentee voters with postage-paid envelopes.