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Detroit to see influx in eviction disputes

Detroit Renaissance Center by James Marvin Phelps is licensed with CC BY-NC 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Detroit’s eviction ban was lifted earlier this month. City officials are expecting a surge in disputes between landlords and tenants in the coming weeks.

Renters across the city have been protected by a moratorium ordered by the 36th District Court in March. That came to an end August 17th. Ted Phillips, director of the United Community Housing Coalition non-profit says about 900 cases were originally scheduled for March but were delayed because of the pandemic. He says there are likely more now.

“We will be in court. We being the United Community Housing Coalition, Michigan Legal Services and Lakeshore Legal Aid at all the virtual hearings,” said Phillips.

Phillips says he’s not exactly sure how many people are facing evictions currently. He says usually there’s about 31-thousand cases filed in Detroit every year.