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Whitmer says flu cases could hurt COVID-19 response

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer has set a goal of getting an additional million people in Michigan to get a flu shot compared to last year.        

Whitmer said Tuesday she and state health officials set the goal because the flu poses an additional risk this year.           

“Until there is a coronavirus vaccine, we must do everything we can in our power to protect one another,” Whitmer said. “Nobody is immune to this virus, so remember: wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and go get your flu shot.”            

Whitmer said that’s because health clinics and hospitals could be overwhelmed if there’s a spike in COVID-19 cases during flu season.              

“The COVID-19 pandemic remains a very real threat. It is still very real across the state of Michigan. It’s a threat to our families. It is a threat to our healthcare workers and people on the front lines. And it is a threat to our economy.” 

The governor also said she won’t be pushed into re-opening gyms, theaters, and bowling alleys in the southern part of the state. They have been allowed to operate since June in northern Michigan.