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Tiny homes may provide affordable housing in Northern MI

Bill Dickinson|
A tiny home community in North Carolina

Less may be more in Crawford County. Developers are looking to build tiny homes to provide affordable housing options in Grayling this spring. 

Officials said Grayling is one of the many towns in northern Michigan with an affordable housing shortage. Developers are looking to tiny homes as a possible solution. 

The new project looks to turn two parcels of land into a tiny home community. Officials said there will be enough space to build five tiny homes with a driveway, front yard, and a communal green space.  

FUNchitecture President, Shannon White, is an architect working on the project. She said tiny homes are ways to develop low-cost housing options.

“They’re ripe. There are lots of opportunities, not only in Michigan but in the Midwest for little developments of these tiny homes to pop up and become real viable communities.”

White said the smaller square footage cuts down on heating, cooling, and maintenance costs for residents. 

The first model will be built in the spring.