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Michigan Democrats call for opening state ID to any resident

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Democrats in the state Legislature have called for changing state law to allow anyone who lives in Michigan to get a driver’s license or state ID, which would include allowing undocumented immigrants to receive IDs.

The American Immigration Council says there are 130 thousand undocumented immigrants in Michigan. At least one police group says official IDs would make it easier to keep track of who is or is not violating state laws.

Democratic state Representative Alex Garza says changing the law would make it easier for people to find legal employment and pay taxes. “Our hard-working families should have the right to legally drive in the state they call home.”

GOP leaders in the Legislature are not on board. Governor Gretchen Whitmer said she favors the idea, at least in concept.          

Rick Pluta is the Capitol Bureau Chief for the Michigan Public Radio Network. He is heard daily on WCMU's Morning Edition and All Things Considered.