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Flint mayoral candidate asks for election oversight

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A candidate for Flint mayor is asking the Michigan Secretary of State’s office to give more oversight on next week’s election.

Challenger Sheldon Neeley is leveling allegations of possible voter fraud and absentee ballot tampering at the campaign of incumbent mayor Karen Weaver.

Genesee County Clerk John Gleason said there have been allegations that Weaver campaign workers have been taking absentee ballots from voters.

“Hard to prove, but there’s an opportunity if it was a campaign worker for either side and if that voter said ‘I’m not voting for your candidate.’  What would happen to that ballot?  Would it still get turned in?”

Mayor Weaver said, “there’s been no evidence of any wrong doing” and added she’s “not a fan of state takeovers."

The Secretary of State’s office said it has received Neeley’s request for more oversight, but no decision has been made on the request.