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Auditor General: MDOT allowed stakeholders too much say in study

Flickr User Daniel Greene

The Michigan Department of Transportation let industry stakeholders have too much influence in a gravel study. 

Those are the findings of a new state audit.

According to the audit, M-DOT – quote – “allowed industry stakeholders considerable influence in commissioning and scoping” the 20-16 study.

The audit says the gravel corporation lobbyists got what they wanted when the study was released. It found there wasn’t enough gravel available and suggested increased mining.

The auditor general says the influence of gravel lobbyists limited the usefulness of the study. It said the 100-thousand dollars spent to commission the study was not a good use of state money.

This study occurred under the supervision of the former director of M-DOT. M-DOT says the current director will look at the findings to see what safeguards can be implemented.