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Michigan representatives provide take on impeachment inquiry

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Many members of Congress are back in their home districts this week… sharing their view on a presidential impeachment inquiry with constituents. 

Even if the impeachment inquiry finds evidence against President Trump, the final say on impeachment comes from the U.S. Senate. That’s where twenty Republicans would have to vote against Trump, if Majority Leader Mitch McConnell even takes the case to the Senate floor.

Democratic Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence represents Michigan’s 14th District. She said she believes the ultimate impeachment is in the next election.

“It swings both ways because his supporters will dig down and we have to tell the story. That’s why this process is so important. The investigation…you have to expose the facts. You have to interview and get the records so that the public can make a decision.”

Lawrence said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to have the impeachment inquiry finished by Thanksgiving.