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Michigan receives $5 million for mental health services

Alex Proimos|

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services granted a combined $5,511,000 to clinics across Michigan to improve mental health services.

33 health centers in Michigan received $167,000 each to improve mental health through a practice called integrated mental health services. 


This treatment plan works as a one-stop shop for treating physical and mental ailments, in which people are treated by a primary care provider and a therapist at the same time


Traverse Health Clinic CEO, Arlene Brennan, said the clinic will use the funds to hire a therapist whose main job is to meet with patients during their regular appointments.


“By having this person who is readily available, it will really expedite the delivery of behavioral health care. So we are thrilled about this.” 


Clinic spokesperson, Mai Stanley, said the grant will make it quicker and easier for people to get mental health resources . 


“We know with our patient population, and for anyone, everytime you make a referral from one provider to another provider at another location you have lower likelihood of someone following through.”


For a full list of clinics that received funding, click here.