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Gladwin County gets a $4 million loan for new Road Commission building

Gladwin county received a four million dollar loan from the U-S-D-A on June 24 to rebuild the Road Commission building. Officials said the new building is long overdue.

The Gladwin County Road Commission building has been used since the 1940s.

In 2017, the building started to crack and the road commission was evicted due to safety concerns. After some temporary fixes, the county was able to use the building again but the county needed a permanent fix.

Gladwin County Road Commission Manager, Dave Pettersch, said the new building was delayed because the commission wanted to prioritize money for road work.

“We had known for a while that our building was getting older and we have been putting money aside for that event. However we are here to build and maintain roads. We’ve held to that as long as we could. We didn’t need a new building in our minds, we needed to invest in our roads as long as we could.”


Pettersch said the Road Commission has “squeezed every last hour out of this building”. He said he hopes the new building will last for one hundred years. 


Pettersch said construction will begin next spring and the commission plans to move in March of 2021.