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You can own a piece of the Mackinac Bridge


Pieces of the Mackinac Bridge could be yours. Officials said over the next few weeks original pieces of the “Mighty Mac” will be auctioned.


The Mackinac Bridge Authority is auctioning off pieces of the bridge to help fund bridge upkeep.


They are auctioning a variety of pieces from the original bridge, which are more than sixty years old.


Kim Nowack is with the Mackinac Bridge Authority. She said a lot of people are trying to bring home a piece of the “Mighty Mac”.


“We used to take them to the scrap yard and we discovered we have a lot of interest especially in that old deck grating so we are happy to provide it to folks.”


Nowack said these old bridge pieces are perfect for art projects or decoration. She said auctions will be throughout the summer and fall.


“We do the grating replacement work out on the bridge every spring and every fall, so whenever we have pieces available we put it on the auction.”


If you are interested in owning a piece of the Mackinac Bridge, auctions will be happening throughout the season and can be found here.