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Sensory friendly movies becoming more common in Mid-Michigan


This summer your most anticipated movie could be available in a sensory friendly form. Theatres in Mid-Michigan are showing movies a little differently to make it easier for audiences with special needs.


Sensory friendly movies are shown with the lights dimmed and the sound low to make it easier for people to watch. The audience is welcome to walk around and talk during the film.


The viewings are meant for people with sensory sensitivities and may not be comfortable in a typical movie setting.


Amy Pratt is with Clare-Gladwin Regional Education Service District, one group that shows sensory friendly movies in mid-Michigan.


“Parents who have children, or even adults, who are affected by sensory sensitivities aren’t comfortable attending a regular movie or theatre. They just don’t get to have that experience.”


Pratt said the viewings also help give kids unique experiences that help with brain development.


“We want children to have multiple experiences because it is just better for brain development to experience as many opportunities as possible”


Pratt said sensory-friendly movies give people a chance to see  movies within their comfort zone.


Clare-Gladwin R-E-S-D’s next Sensory Friendly movie is Toy Story 4 and will be playing June 22nd at the Gem Theatre in Beaverton.


Check with your local theatre for sensory-friendly movies.