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Michigan departments partner to help parolees find jobs


Two Michigan departments are partnering to help incarcerated individuals find jobs after they get out. Officials said the partnership may help improve public safety.

Michigan’s Department of Corrections is partnering with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to help inmates get job licenses before they’re released.


In the past, inmates could receive job training while incarcerated but couldn’t get licensed until they were released. The new partnership will allow inmates to get licensed while serving their time.


Michigan Department of Corrections spokesperson, Chris Gautz, said the change will remove an obstacle faced by parolees.


“We can eliminate that step where they have to wait all this time and apply and all go through this process. If we could do that for them on the front end before they walk out, we think they will be much better equipped to be successful and not fall to a life of crime.”


Gautz said the new process will make it easier for paroled inmates to find jobs. He said people will have their license in their hand before they are released.


Gautz said they will focus on licensing people in areas like cosmetology, plumbing, and building trades.