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Wildfire season extends into June

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Michigan’s wildfire season usually ends around Memorial Day. But thanks to an unusual winter, we’re not out of the woods yet.



Forest experts say due to a particularly frigid winter, forests in northern Michigan have been slow to leaf this spring.

Paul Rogers a Fire Prevention Specialist with the Department of Natural Resources. He says even a little green can discourage unpredictable burns.

“Wildfire season subsides when we get full leaf-out and then the woods are actually shaded. That really prevents fires from getting going. While things have really greened up downstate, in the northern area there’s a lot of grasses that are available. We’re still doing prescribed burns, so things are still burning well.”

Rogers says Memorial Day travellers should be particularly cautious this weekend when handling fire. He says one of the best fire prevention measures is to always keep water nearby.


To find your county's burn restrictions, visit:,-8723,7/g0/mc/vadjc/s/n/zt

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