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Drummond Island Ferry may cut back winter service

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The Eastern U-P Transit Authority (EUPTA) has proposed cuts to the Drummond Island ferry service, and across social media, residents are responding.


EUPTA is proposing to cut ferry trips in the winter schedule. Officials said the cuts would target routes with the lowest number of regular riders.


The proposed plans look to cut five ferry boats from the winter schedule, which is about 10% of the ferry trips.  


Conor Egan is on the board of directors for EUPTA. He said he understands the change can affect people, businesses, and life on the island.


“A lot of people are upset at the idea of people losing ferry boats. You gotta understand when you live on Drummond Island, the ferry boat is a part of your life… for good or bad. And any changes to that creates an obstacle for what some people would call a normal life.”


But the change could mean more than an obstacle for residents of Drummond Island.


Garthalene Chrzan who owns Chuck’s Place, a Drummond Island business says the proposed change seems like a EUPTA money grab.


“It is hard to take something away and get it back. It almost has me worried that they are just trying to use this to uphold the island to say pay us more and we will be all set and we will keep the same schedule. And that is kind of holding us hostage. ”


Egan says the transit authority is scheduling a town hall next month to address the public’s concern. Sometime after that, EUPTA will vote on the proposal.