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Great Lakes expects high water levels this summer


Forecasts said the Great Lakes will have above average water levels this year, continuing a trend that began in 2013.

The forecast said water levels throughout the Great Lakes are more than a foot higher than average. Currently Lake Superior is 16 inches above average. Lake Huron and Michigan are 38 inches above average.


National Weather Service meteorologist, Sabrina Jauernik, said this year the high levels are a combination of increased ice cover preventing evaporation during the winter. And increased precipitation, Mt Pleasant has seen four inches above its average in recent years. While Houghton Lake is running two inches higher than average


“Right now we just seem to be in the upswing of the seasonal cycle and we’ve just had a few wetter years since 2013 that have accumulated to rising water levels.”


Jauernik said she expects the lakes to continue to rise throughout the summer and into the coming years.


“At least for the next year or so, probably for the next couple barring any major droughts. We are about a foot above average. There would be a decent amount of water to lose before we get back below average or back below normal”


The forecast predicts Lake Superior, Michigan, and Huron will increase by at least three more inches by May 19th.